I am available for freelance work as a writer, reporter and researcher.

I am particularly keen to expand my portfolio of ‘long form’ features, reportage and memoir—please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you may have opportunities in this area.

I also occasionally do consultancy work for companies/non-profits whose aims and work I sympathise with—in the past this has included Greenpeace, the American anti-corporate campaign group Sum of Us, and several smaller bodies focusing on issues affecting the Highlands of Scotland.

As an author, I am represented by Sophie Lambert at C&W.

Email: Cal [at] calflyn [dot] com

Phone: 07786 230 144

Twitter: @calflyn

One thought on “Contact

  1. phil greenhalgh says:

    Dear Cal
    i read the story of your leg
    i laughed and I cried
    You made me realise how fortunate some of us are and how brave the human spirit is when faced with adversity
    I read it to my grand daughters (9 & 11) who were completely enthralled and in awe of you
    my humble thanks and very best regards

    keep running

    Phil Greenhalgh

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