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The tree graveyards of the Flow Country

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I was excited to contribute an essay to Granta: a long piece of reportage in which I travelled to the far north of Scotland to wander in the vast peatlands of the Flow Country.

North of Helmsdale, the land opens up. It is a rare and unusual landscape, stripped back and open to the sky … what strikes you first is the utter absence of the picturesque. A single sweeping line demarcates the heavens and the earth: God’s rough draft, the Earth formless and empty still. The cow-brown flats tussocked and pockmarked by puddles and pools. Slow gradients slope off in every direction; in the distance a few low hills poke their noses into the air.

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Small talk, elephant style

I’ve just spent a wonderful week learning all about elephant behaviour for this article about the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in Kenya, the longest study of wild elephants in the world.

If you would like to buy a copy of the book which summarizes the Trust’s findings over the last 35 years, mentioned in the article below, it is available to purchase here.

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Baby boomers are big consumers

Oddly enough, this article has probably prompted the largest number of letters out of all the articles I’ve written. Most of them started with “Our generation is fed up with being blamed for everything…”

Full text is on the Sunday Times website, here, or after the fold.

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Gas guzzlers driven abroad

I’ve spent a couple of weeks at The Times, largely as part of a team covering the fallout following Thomas Legg’s report into MPs expenses, but here’s another article I’ve written while I’ve been here, about a new trend in second-hand 4x4s being exported abroad, where it is much cheaper to run them.

I called everyone who had advertised a 4×4 for sale in the previous week’s Autotrader, to find out where the cars had ended up – all were remarkably polite and helpful…

Full text is after the fold.

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