Before I became an author, I worked as an investigative reporter at The Sunday Times, and as data reporter at the Telegraph.

At The Sunday Times I worked on many major investigations into tax avoidance and public spending. I also worked on the story that revealed JK Rowling to have secretly authored a detective novel under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. (Our exclusive made headlines all around the world.) And I worked with the Insight team on a major threepart investigation into parliamentary lobbying, which saw two peers suspended from the Labour party and a third suspended from the Ulster Unionist Party.

At the Telegraph I covered the ‘open data’ beat, with a special interest in privacy concerns that arise due to modern technology and social media. I particularly enjoyed digging up my phone geolocation data for a whole year and turning it into an interactive graphic for this article.

Previously I covered the 2010 general election at The Observer as a freelancer, where I co-wrote a front page story that revealed a top Conservative candidate ran prayer sessions which aimed to ‘cure’ homosexuals by driving out their demons.

I no longer work as a reporter, but my time in the newsroom taught me a lot – and cost me a lot in blood, sweat and tears! I’ve highlighted a few of my past cuttings below.

G4S staff to help solve murders
· Front page of The Sunday Times, 14 April 2013

GPs’ private firms grab NHS cash
· Front page of The Sunday Times, 31 March 2013

Cash for Access: Tories accepted £200,000 from Palestinian tycoon
· The Daily Telegraph, 27 March 2012

Apps spy on text messages and Tap-tap-tapping us all up – mobile apps invade privacy
· Front page (and inside spread), The Sunday Times, 26 February 2012

Billions lost in property tax dodge and Non-doms target ‘tax haven Coventry’
· Front page (and inside spread), The Sunday Times, 22 January 2012

Top footballers dodge millions in income tax
· Front page of The Sunday Times, 16 January 2011

Councils pile on tax by stealth
· Front page of The Sunday Times, 9 January 2011

Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to ‘cure’ gay people
· Front page of The Observer, 2 May 2010

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