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Infographic: what can I study with A-levels like these?

A screenshot of the working interactive infographic

I worked with Telegraph designer Mark Oliver and developer Jack Kempster to create this interactive tool which displays the academic backgrounds of students accepted onto the most popular degree courses.

Each subject has been plotted along two axes – from science to art, and from linguistic to numerical. So, for example, physics rates highly for science and is more numerical than linguistic so is plotted in the far bottom-left corner. The size of the circle indicates the proportion of accepted students with an A-level in that subject.

The graphic is best viewed on the Telegraph website here.

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Child poverty in the UK

Child poverty in this country is on the rise. Save the Children has just announced its first ever fundraising campaign to help British youngsters in its 93-year history.

I’ve written two articles for the Telegraph on this subject – firstly reporting the findings of a new report from the Child Poverty Action Group, and secondly an article on the worst affected constituencies illustrated with an interactive map made using Google Fusion Tables.

The map is best viewed on the Telegraph website, here. The full text of the former can be found on the Telegraph website here, or after the fold.

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French regional wine map shows best vintages

A screenshot of the interactive graphic, which is best viewed on the Telegraph website

I helped develop this interactive map, which lets you find good years for wine in each of the major French regions at a swoosh of the mouse.

Many thanks to Joss Fowler with his help with the accompanying article which what makes a good year for vinyards.

Graphic is best viewed on the Telegraph website here, but full text can also be found below.

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What my phone records say about me

A screenshot from the interactive graphic, hosted on the Telegraph website

As part of my coverage of the draft Communications Data Bill – which proposes to expand the level of information which must be held by telecommunications companies about their customers, and to expand the level of access to that data afforded to police and intelligence agencies – I requested a copy of all the data already held by my phone company to demonstrate what a detailed portrait this information can paint.

Using the data, Telegraph developer Dan Palmer and designer Mark Oliver developed an interactive graphic which tracks my movements around the UK over the course of a year.

The graphic is best viewed on the Telegraph website here, but the full text of my accompanying article can be found below.

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