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The Wolf at the Door: new essay in Granta

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the latest edition of GRANTA magazine, which is out next week. It was guest-edited by Isabella Tree, whose own wonderful book Wilding details the decades-long rewilding project at Knepp, a 3500-acre estate in West Sussex.

My essay, ‘The Wolf at the Door,’ is about the self-willed return of the wolf throughout continental Europe, thanks in large part to increasing levels of farmland abandonment.

Ever more land often goes unclaimed, unploughed, unrestrained. Some estimate that by 2030, an area the size of Italy will have been abandoned in the space of three decades.

It’s about primal fear, shepherds, guard dogs, things that go bump in the night – and why sometimes we need to open the door to danger.

If our fear was a landscape, it would be a prairie, a great plain. The threats we face now are constructions of our devising.

Join us for the GRANTA 153 launch event on 19 November – 7pm London / 2pm New York. It’s free! Register here.