Thicker Than Water: out now in Oz

Thicker Than Water is now available to buy in bookshops in Australia. I spoke to ABC Radio National’s Cassie McCullagh on Tuesday (Wednesday there) about the book, and what it felt like to learn and research these terrible events, which is available to listen to here.

The Weekend Australian published an extract of the book on Saturday, which is available online to subscribers here. An Australian friend was kind enough to send me a photo so I could see what it looked like in print (thanks Evie!).


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One thought on “Thicker Than Water: out now in Oz

  1. Hi Cal, truth is, we would all have murderers in our bloodline. So what what is a meaningful response to the sadness invoked in those with conscience, when we learn about that cruelty.

    I think the first step in making a meaningful response is to fully understand what your relative was doing. What he was doing was implementing the policy of economic growth for the British empire. Economic growth is what Genesis 9:7 actually means. I suspect that many people, even economists, do not actually understand the meaning of “economic growth”, what it simply means that for a some people is a particular economy, taking a greater proportion of the earths resources. Therefore, I think that a meaningful way to say “sorry” is to reject the principle of economic growth and to support the principles of conservation.



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