HarperCollins acquires Thicker Than Water

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I had some great news last month: HarperCollins’ non-fiction strand William Collins acquired the rights to my book, working title Thicker Than Water, and it is currently scheduled for publication in spring 2016.

For more information about the book, including an overview, please click here. Questions and queries about foreign rights/publication should be directed to my agent, Sophie Lambert of Conville & Walsh.

Bookbrunch, a magazine for the publishing industry, published a short piece about the acquisition, which you can read after the fold:

‘Courageous’ memoir of Australian pioneer to Collins
• 28 November 2014, Bookbrunch
Read online
Arabella Pike at William Collins has won a “highly competitive auction” to secure Cal Flyn’s THICKER THAN WATER, in which the author traces the dark story of an ancestor who was a colonial pioneer.
Angus Macmillan emigrated from the Highlights to Australia in the 1830s. Although mythologised as a great explorer, Macmillan led several horrific massacres of Aboriginal people and played a significant role in an event that earned him the name “The Butcher of Gippsland”.

Collins has UK and Commonwealth rights (exc Canada) through Sophie Lambert of Conville & Walsh. The book will be co-published by HarperCollins Australia.

Pike said: “With echoes of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian or Kate Grenville’s The Secret River, Cal Flyn’s book is a courageous and thoughtful account of what she discovers buried in her family’s past as well as her attempts to make amends. As with Edmund de Waal’s The Hare With the Amber Eyes, Flyn’s book is a dark slice of history illuminated by her personal connection to the people, places and events she discovers. It confirms the old adage: all the best stories are true.”

Flyn said: “I’m utterly delighted that Thicker Than Water is to be published by Arabella and William Collins. Arabella brings piercing insight and wealth of experience, while William Collins has a long history of publishing the most incredible works of non-fiction from authors who have inspired me since childhood – from Wilfred Thesiger to Andrew Marr, Jung Chang to Marie Colvin.

“Writing Thicker Than Water has been, to me, very much a personal journey – both across the world, and into the past – and a call to look inwards, to question the story I tell myself about myself: my own context in history, and how I too might behave, if I were to live in another, more lawless age. I cannot wait to see it in print.”

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