A Cuckoo’s Calling: the reaction

There has been a staggering response to our story last weekend that revealed JK Rowling to have authored and published a second novel for adults under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

It made headlines around the world, and signed first editions of the book are now changing hands for more than £2,500 online.

The New York Times wrote an interesting article about how we broke the story, which you may be interested to read. It can be found here.

The initial tip came via Twitter, from a woman called Jude Callegari. Her identity and motivation was a mystery until this week, when she was revealed to be a friend of one of Rowling’s solicitors.

During our investigation,  I approached two academics who had developed their own ‘stylometric’ computer programs, which aim to distinguish between authors’ writing styles. They were Patrick Juola of Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, and Peter Millican of Oxford University. Both found strong similarities between the books, strengthening our case.

The National Geographic has written an interesting blog outlining the principles of stylometrics (or, forensic linguistics), which can be found here. Similarly, a Wall Street Journal write up can be found here.

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