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Child poverty in the UK

Child poverty in this country is on the rise. Save the Children has just announced its first ever fundraising campaign to help British youngsters in its 93-year history.

I’ve written two articles for the Telegraph on this subject – firstly reporting the findings of a new report from the Child Poverty Action Group, and secondly an article on the worst affected constituencies illustrated with an interactive map made using Google Fusion Tables.

The map is best viewed on the Telegraph website, here. The full text of the former can be found on the Telegraph website here, or after the fold.

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‘It smells of science’: hands-on at the Royal Institution

I’ve just spent a fun day in the labs at the Royal Institution for the Telegraph’s education section, taking part in a full day’s biochemistry workshop for GCSE-aged school pupils. Its part of their outreach project aimed at getting more young people into science – who will hopefully go on to study it at university.

The skills gap in science, technology and engineering is growing at an alarming rate, with an estimated shortfall of 10,000 graduates a year.

My feature can be found on the Telegraph website here, or after the fold.

Many thanks to David at the Royal Institution for letting me take part (and lending me a lab coat).

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