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One way tickets to Mars

I have now largely taken over writing the regular ‘briefing’ for the Comment section of The Sunday Times. This article (below) on the future of the space race is the latest.

It’s here on the Sunday Times website, or after the fold.

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The million-pound public servant

Combing through the accounts of government quangos for another story, I stumbled on this bumper paycheque at the government-owned Tote.

Full text is on the Sunday Times website here, or after the fold.

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BBC chief rehired after £365,000 payoff

This Sunday Times article is the result of an FOI request I made to the BBC, which revealed two ‘mega’ redundancy pay-outs.

One was made to the head of religion Michael Wakelin who was rehired only months later, the other went to market executive Sue Lynas, who was months from retirement. Both payments had been portrayed as cost-cutting measures.

Full text is on the Sunday Times website here, or read on.

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