Caroline Flyn | 25 Jan 2010

What We’re Reading

1. Alan Rusbridger Hugh Cudlipp memorial speech. Paywalls are only a “hunch”, we must consider other business models.

2. The top 10 government data visualisations and applications

3. Ethical considerations of contacting extraterrestrials“I dislike seeing my children’s destiny being gambled with by a couple of dozen arrogant people who cling to one image of the alien”. (See also, the New Scientist’s short history of ET communication attempts. Quite alarmed at idea of ‘vaginal contractions’ broadcast to the galaxy, but perhaps it will break the ice.)

4. I am delighted about this zoomable paper map of London. It’s pretty and also slightly nerdy, I love it.

5. High School Musical: The College Years.

6. Haiti 360 degree video.

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