Caroline Flyn | 21 January 2010

What We’re Reading

1. Where have you been all my life? #12. Highbrow false dust-jackets (“Perfect for the aspirational reader”)

2. Rickets makes a comeback among the computer generation. (Also, interestingly: “Half of all adults in the UK have Vitamin D deficiency in the winter and spring, one in six having severe deficiency.”)

3. If money were no object: luxury treehouses. Swiss Family Robinson-style; spherical tree-dens, straight out of Where the Wild Things Are; ten-storey treehouse; spiral staircases one and two; around an invisible tree.

4. American football fans can look forward to 11 minutes of action and three seconds of cheerleaders each game.

5. HP to enter the 3D printer market. Watch the video, it’s pretty exciting.

6. Gift ideas for nerds #33: new parents. Prenatal music systemNom nom nom bib; ‘Why Cry’ analyser; ‘loading…’ maternity shirt; Sci-fi baby names book.

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