Caroline Flyn | 13 January 2010

What We’re Reading

1. VVVVV: New indie video game from the creator of Don’t Look Back with only arrow keys and a gravity toggle. Remarkably compelling for such an interface – and you can rack up thousands of lives per run its so difficult.

2. “2010: Living in the Future” – an annotated look back at this delightful 1972 children’s book. (“The clothes may look odd, but they are sensible. The jumpsuits and shoes are made in thousands of colors, from a material so light you can hardly feel it.” Nevertheless, the Skype style lecturing is spot on) H/t Boing Boing

3.Gift ideas for nerds #32: iPhone apps. Dice Bag (ideal for Dungeons and Dragons players), Genetic Decoder, Scientific calculator, Stargazer’s map, Mobile Trader for the serious financier, Light Saber, Text to Binary coder.

4. Relative price of liquids: HP printer ink twice relative price of human blood, several orders of magnitude times that of crude oil.

5. Coal formed during Earth’s worst extinction event brings death, disease to present.

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