Caroline Flyn – 4 January 2010

What We're Reading

1. Placebos for sale. Get that placebo effect at a very affordable price!

2. The Awl's 'End of the Noughties' project, collected. I like the illustrated 'Tiny Moments of Varying Significance' and the 'Debt-Regret Matrix' ("Oh hai, it's me! The girl Suze Orman warned you about.").

3. Decoder card for Gibberish English-Chinese tattoo font

4. The most important events of the decade, as recorded in the comics

5. Portrait of the Decade 'infographic' from the BBC

6. Gift ideas for nerds #31: toasters. Printer/toaster, transparent toaster (the end of burnt toast), dot-matrix toaster, headlines on toast, Darth Vader toast, USB toaster, hot-dog toaster, hood toaster, flying toasters!

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