Caroline Flyn – 30 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. Alice in Wonderland tries her hand at hip hop. (Similarly, Miss Piggy gets steamy rehashing Peaches, NSFW)

2. Ebay highlights #2: a rash of unwanted gifts from ex-lovers (unopened). One, two, three (sold for £350). Suitable for use with the ex-boyfriend voodoo doll, the ex-boyfriend spell book ('turn that prince back into a toad') and ex-boyfriend candle ('melt away the wicked one!')

3. World's first Twitter pantomime courtesy of the Birmingham Hippodrome.Press replay and the script unfolds between the curtains. The audience are the unruly lot at the bottom

4. Great infographic from Appfrica: "There are more people currently alive in Asia, Africa and Latin America than the total number of people who died—anywhere, and for any reason—during the entire 20th century." H/t Boing Boing

5. The Register's list of top patent claims of 2009. I particularly like the system to tackle the "arbitrary hour-based scheduling paradigm" which plans to increase productivity by shortening the hour and therefore hour-long meetings.

6. CMYK spraycan set to revolutionize grafitti.

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