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Caroline Flyn – 30 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. Alice in Wonderland tries her hand at hip hop. (Similarly, Miss Piggy gets steamy rehashing Peaches, NSFW)

2. Ebay highlights #2: a rash of unwanted gifts from ex-lovers (unopened). One, two, three (sold for £350). Suitable for use with the ex-boyfriend voodoo doll, the ex-boyfriend spell book ('turn that prince back into a toad') and ex-boyfriend candle ('melt away the wicked one!')

3. World's first Twitter pantomime courtesy of the Birmingham Hippodrome.Press replay and the script unfolds between the curtains. The audience are the unruly lot at the bottom

4. Great infographic from Appfrica: "There are more people currently alive in Asia, Africa and Latin America than the total number of people who died—anywhere, and for any reason—during the entire 20th century." H/t Boing Boing

5. The Register's list of top patent claims of 2009. I particularly like the system to tackle the "arbitrary hour-based scheduling paradigm" which plans to increase productivity by shortening the hour and therefore hour-long meetings.

6. CMYK spraycan set to revolutionize grafitti.

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Caroline Flyn – 24 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. Cheering animal stories for Christmas Eve: a seal called Rudolph, Christmas time at the zoo, record puppy delivery at Battersea, okay that's enough

2. Car magazine suggests new up-to-date sleigh models for Santa: Aston Martin, Land Rover, Rolls Royce,

3. Christmas ideas for nerds: Star Trek tree ornaments, Tux the Linux penguin ornament, Star Wars Christmas cards, reindeer mounts for WoW,

4. Brilliant G'Brown rap from the Impressions Show ("Brown like that/ Brown like that/ No-one knew house prices would go down like that")

5. Life on a container ship. H/t Dysonology

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Caroline Flyn | 16 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. "Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, was a quadrillion times worse than it was in Weimar Germany." H/T Kottke.

2. The Moustache Calendar 2010. "Just imagine images of sex-confident men gracing the walls of your home and office."

3. Imagined Washington Post corrections: hashtag feed and background.

4. BBC poll: Should homosexuals be executed? (Not kidding)

5. It's snowing in London! Cue panic.

6. Live webcams from around the world

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Caroline Flyn | 15 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. House of C'mons

2. When I go, I want to be remembered by a box of coloured pencils please. "240 pencils can be made from an average body of ash – a lifetime supply of pencils for those left behind."

3. Stop-motion for geeks. Lego Mario Bros, Lego Super Mario (level one, level two, Bowser's Castle), Lego Donkey Kong, Lego Tetris, Lego arcade, Lego Guitar Hero.

4. CERN Love: "This is the life of a high energy physicist: making plots, then figuring out why they seem to hate you so much."

5. Gaza zookeepers paint donkeys as zebras.

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Caroline Flyn | 14 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. Facebook campaign to topple The X Factor from the UK Christmas no.1 reaches 700k+ members. Shame, then, that their protest purchase of choice is Rage Against The Machine, signed to Sony – the label behind The X Factor.

2. An alternative?

3. Daft Hands (plus: x2 speed, x6 speed). Daft Bodies. Daft Schoolgirls. The last is genius, bear with them at the start.

4. Google analytics illegal in Germany?

5. Gift ideas for nerds #30: doormats. Finish line, iMat, IP address, home button (similarly, enter), patent for electric doormat.

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Caroline Flyn | 9 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. Lady Gaga-inspired ode to a typeface (because nerds just wanna have fun, apparently)

2. Ron Liddle defends his offensive Spectator blog on the New Statesman website (see comments).

3. People can identify a stranger's sexual orientation above chance levels after 50ms glimpse of a photo, with hairstyle, clothes, body cropped out.

4. Should Wired be imperial or metric?

5. Compendium of oddities from Google Maps. I like the Africa flyover details, the 70s tapestry-style fields and the collection of tightly-parked bendy buses.

6. More maths, Fox news style

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Caroline Flyn | 7 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. 'Efforts to reach Christ for comment were unsuccessful'

2. iPhone orchestra ready for debut

3. I love this project: recreating children's drawings. Almost as good an idea as having your child's drawing made into a real-life toy.

4. More stocking fillers for nerds: paper emails ("the future, with the technology of the past"), wire glue, plush microbes, binary welcome mat, USB robot owl, Nintendo wall graphics (I want I want I want)

5. Interactive map with details of social make up of New York districts by income. h/t Kottke.

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Caroline Flyn | 2 December 2009

What We're Reading

1. Who is this guy? He's like Phonejacker, except without the mask or false name.

2. Taiwanese news brings the Tiger Woods crash to life with "uncanny realism"(GTA-style animation)

3.Think you can drive while texting? In case the horrific UK public health advert didn't put you off, this NY Times simulation will.

4. Texts sent by officials on 9/11 have been leaked. Makes for mesmerising reading.

5. Get it all in perspective: the Billion Dollar-Gram, and the Billion Pound-Gram

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