Caroline Flyn | 16 September 2009

What We're Reading

1. Improbable past-times 6: Tetris hairstyles. Having two falling pieces is pretty advanced gameplay – it would make me tense every time I looked in the mirror.

2. Alarming true story(?) about how one man cured his asthma by purposively contracting a hookworm. Not for the faint-hearted. (h/t Kottke)

3. Online index of MIT comedy hacks. The solar-powered tram is genius.

4. Gift ideas for nerds 27: sinks. Sink in a drawer, Starship Enterprise sink, integrated toilet/sink, portable sink, erosion sink, aquarium sink, fossil sinks.

5. Keep at your exercise plan: time-stop video shows effects of 365 days of working out.

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