Caroline Flyn | 10 September 2009

What We're Reading

1. Why can't I skip the hard bits in games? I've always wondered this – years of planning complex plot/world map seems wasted on malcoordinated gamers like me who are unlikely to get beyond the early stages. Either give me a 'skip ahead' button, or sell games in chapters.

2. "5am – 7am: rise, wash, and address Powerful Goodness. Contrive day's business, prosecute the present study; and breakfast." Note to self: create structure in life and resolve to become more like Benjamin Franklin. (c/o Maira Kalman)

3. World's biggest video game(s): Tetris, Space Invaders, Snake. And a neat how-to video courtesy of Blinkenlights.

4. Hours of fun browsing The Best of Craigslist. Highlights include: 300 Stuffed Penguins Free to Good Home ("I'm going through a pretty weird time in my life right now"), You hit me with your Prius, Free: Large, dirty fishtank ("I've fed the depressing inhabitants for the past year, but am moving and will be damned if I take them with me.").

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