Caroline Flyn | 21 July 2009

What We're Reading

1. Unintelligent design. "A few shark species have live births. The first sibling to mature sometimes eats its siblings in utero."

2. Outrageous fact of the day: 7% of the UK population is privately educated. But 75% of the judiciary were privately educated.

3. Antonia Quirke on T in the Park: "Then there are the compulsory feasts of burgers, fried on site in their delicious thousands, as though the entire US Marine Corps were attending, too, drumming their knives against tin plates and shouting, “MEAT MEAT!”"

4. India has made education compulsory.

5. Gift ideas for nerds 21: light switches. SmartSwitch is tougher to turn on when your power consumption is high, touch-free lightswitch/dimmer for impressing dates, optical illusion switch, programmable light switch, voice-activated switch for trekkies.

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