Monthly Archives: April 2009

Caroline Flyn | 23 April 2009

What We're Reading

1. Giant lego man came from the sea.

2. Google street view does not breach Data Protection Act.

3. Nerdy weddings special:

i) A fairytale wedding, in a way

ii) Nerdy wedding cakes: one, two, three and four.

iii) Cat 5 compliant ethernet wedding rings help nerds to couple.

4. One that slipped through the net – another great kitchen gadget

Caroline Flyn | 22 April 2009

What We're Reading

1. Inappropriate fandom: Wizard Rock, Potter erotica, Hogwarts Xtreme

2. This explains a lot. 

3. The ethical significance of cheating in massively multiplayer online games.

4. Technology FAIL at the Telegraph

5. Nerdy gifts ideas 8:  mobile phones. One, two and three.

Caroline Flyn | 21 April 2009

What We're Reading

1. More improbable pastimes: meta-quizzes

2. Toast in the post.

3. Nerdy gift ideas 7: home decor. One, two, three and four.

4. I love this idea: like a virtual pet… but real.

5. Putin denies dancing to Abba hits.

Caroline Flyn | 17 April 2009

What We're Reading

1. A little robot in a big city

2.  McPatented: "The method and apparatus for making a sandwich" (hat tip: Patently Silly).

3.  To Kill a Mockingbird beats the Bible in book-poll.

4.  Nerdy gift ideas 6: kitchen gadgets. One, two, three and four.

5.  Slime moulds show surprising degree of intelligence.

Caroline Flyn | 16 April 2009

What We're Reading

1. Remember, there are only 37 days until the next World Beard and Moustache Championships. If you're not sure which category your facial furniture falls under, why not use this handy key?

2. You may also be interested in joining the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club For Scientists.

3. Nerdy gift ideas 5: jewellery. One, two and three.

4. Pointless craft: body-technology interfaces.

5. All you ever feared and more: fir tree found growing in lung.

Caroline Flyn | April 13

What We're Reading

1. Cage-fights used in school discipline (hat-tip: improbable research)

2. A grave worth dying for.

3. Constructive confusion: "It is not enough to confuse the reader; one has to know what it is that one intends to confuse the reader about."

4. In-game economies are a serious business: One, two and three.

5. Shock treatment for internet addiction