Monthly Archives: March 2009

Caroline Flyn | 31 March 2009

What We're Reading

1. Nerdy gift ideas 4: plush miscellany. Microbes, organs, subatomic particles

2. I'm so excited by this Nintendo theme park idea I feel sick

3.  What can bloggers learn from the diamond trade?

4. KFC will fix your drains

5. A Cautionary Tale: Bling H2O

Caroline Flyn | 20 March

What We're Reading

1. The parables of lego

2. Make something cool every day. I love the no-fingerboarding signs

3. More nerdy gift ideas: gaming. One, two and three.

4. Plonk into vintage in half an hour.

5. Microsoft's Surface – one step closer to the dream?

Caroline Flyn | 19 March

What We're Reading

1. Nazi leaders told not to bother with Eton as places 'sold out until 1949'

2. Artist puts posties to the test

3. What would a woman with Barbie's proportions look like?

4. Fantastic armageddon street art

5. Drive-thru drinking in Lousiana