Monthly Archives: February 2009

Caroline Flyn | 27 February

What We're Reading

1. The world's most common passwords
2. Evolution and language: endangered words
3. Ecological ranking of the world's toilet papers
4. £1m reward from the RSC if you can find something 'chemical-free' – perhaps this, this or this?
5. Facebook's Bill of Rights

Caroline Flyn | 19 February


1. Why join the rat-race when you can train the rats to do the trading for you?

2. From the same stable, Democratic Chess: discuss your next move with the pawns

3. Nerdy gift ideas: Cushions. One, two and my favourite, three

4. Robert Peston comes in seventh in the Sexiest Brain poll, 2009

5. Head transplants have been possible since the fifties

Caroline Flyn | 12 February


1 3D Pong while you wait.
2 From the same people, the best of Flickr
3 Careless typists can batrehe a sgih of rleief 
4 Find out what you really think
5 The internet's archivists: see Google through the ages.

Caroline Flyn | 31 January


1 Robots for Obama: a crafty way to say hooray
2 Gravity in Super Mario Bros. 2 is by far the strongest in our solar system
3 More improbable research: Meta-polls
4 "Pride and Prejudice" now with ultraviolent zombie mayhem!
5 When good cakes go bad
6 Owls disrupt court proceedings, cause panic (via Ethan Zuckerman)